MHA Oğlaklar
Mustafa Hacıali Companies is known as the most productive and modern farm in North Cyprus in cattle breeding under livestock breeding industries with over 30 years of experience.

Areas of ActivityBovine & Ovine Breeding

Mustafa Hacıali

Bovine & Ovine Breeding

As a Mustafa Hacıali Companies establishment in Yılmazköy, the bovine and ovine breeding farms are among the largest and the most productive farms in North Cyprus.

In the bovine farm, there are 830 Holstein cows, 3,000 Chios and Awassi Crossbreeds, and Damascus goats in convene farms.  Mustafa Hacıali farms have been active in cattle breeding under livestock breeding industries.

Annual Milk Production Capacities

1 Tons
1 Tons
Sheep breeding
MHA Hayvancilik

In the farms, the animals are fed high quality feeds produced by the R&D activities ongoing at Mustafa Hacıali Feed Industry.

The aim is to optimize the milk productivity and breed healthy animals.
Milking shed operations are carried out using state-of-the-art technologies.

The priority during activities is to ensure animal welfare and comfort.