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Mustafa Hacıali Feed Industry, established in 2016 has been proud of contributing to the national economy as the largest and the most modern industrial establishment of Cyprus.

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Mustafa Hacıali

Feed Industry

Mustafa Hacıali Companies established their own feed manufacturing facilities in 1979 in order to be able to provide for their own feed needs in the chicken and egg production facilities and bovine and ovine farms. With the increasing feed demands, the largest industrial factory Mustafa Hacıali Feed Industry was built in Haspolat Industrial Area in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The feeds are being produced with zero-touch using an automated system at the new feeds factory in order to comply with health and hygiene standards.

Monthly Production & Stock Capacities

1 Tons
1 Tons
pelleted feed production
1 Tons
powder feed production

MHA Feed Industry Products

Benefits achieved

Close-up view on bucket milking cows at the animal barn

Improved digestion and rumen stability

Increased milk production and live weight gain
Reduced fertility issues and increased reproduction capacity

Improved skin, hair, and nail tissue

Higher body immunity against diseases and infections
Increased milk quality and reduced mastitis cases
High muscle condition
Better quality and concentrated colostrum