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Goals & Principles

CorporateGoals & Principles

About Us,

Mustafa Hacıali Companies,

Adopted the act of producing consciously of ethical values, animal welfare, and the society with the sense of responsibility for the community and the industries which are within their areas of work.

They have been exhibiting a customer-consumer oriented attitude prioritising human resources and innovation while aiming at meeting the goals of productivity and profitability. They aim to provide a competitive advantage within the industry with the innovation philosophy based on knowledge and technology.

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Creating a value for the customers, meeting their expectations with quality and stability

Owning and protecting our products, and supporting our customers even after the sale is completed

Maintaining the image we have created in quality, service, supplies, and the relationships with retailers

Advancing for the best while maintaining the continuity of our production and services, and making the necessary investments

Attracting the most qualified employees and adult workforce and providing employment

Increasing the productivity of our employees, encourage their improvement, and create a work environment where cooperation and solidarity is flourished

Complying with the outstanding work ethics and fair working principles

Empowering Cyprus Turkish Economy which is the source our strength

Supporting our employees’ and the community’s economic and social development

MHA ilkelerimiz