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We consider taking attentive steps while utilising the resources this earth is offering us as a reflection of the respect we feel towards the world, the environment, humanity, and the next generations.

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Global warming, increasing world population, and the rapidly decreasing natural resources is a global threat. Mustafa Hacıali Companies has prioritized implementing the concepts of “sustainable energy”, “waste management”, and “recycling” as a part of their operations.   Our company has managed to reduce CO2 emission by 20% because of the solar panels projects and also planning to enhance this reduction by up to 80% by 2022. We are aware of the fact that using resources more efficiently and being considerate of the environment is inevitably a part of recycling, therefore with the fertilizer facility expected to be put in practice, our company is aiming to produce organic fertilizers by processing the manures.  This will lead the way to be able to contribute to the environment and the economy positively by processing the wastes into a usable condition in farming.  

In addition to this, Mustafa Hacıali Companies is very persistent in using recycled packaging.  Also, they have been in cooperation with other companies for the recycling of the waste plastics used within the industry. Our company has been constantly working on increasing recycling.